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My Slot Strategies

“Life is a gamble, at terrible odds – if it was a bet you wouldn’t take it". Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guilderstern Are Dead (1967)

Are there really slot strategies that work and guaranteed to make you win? I don’t think so personally, but I believe there are certain strategies and paths to ensuring that you stand a much better chance of winning than those who mindlessly spin the slots without even a remote chance of leaving the casino with some extra pennies.

My favoured online slot strategies

  • I only play at online casinos that offer a good signup bonus (free cash). So, if I plan to deposit £100 to play my slots, I expect the casino to be able to at least match that, by adding £100 from their own pocket to my bankroll. A lot of online casinos (including those advertised here on this site) offer 100% and even 200% sign-up bonuses, so don’t short-change your pocket and your odds by not taking advantage of them
  • I play the max bet at all times. It makes sense to bet the maximum amount allowed across all pay-lines, because if you do win, you will win BIG. Imagine the disappointment if you hit a jackpot while betting a single coin or credit. Your payout won’t be nearly as high as what you would have won had you been betting max coins

My favoured offline (land) casino slot strategies

  • As with my online slots gaming, I play the max bet option at all times when I play at brick and mortar casinos. If the slot machine that you’re playing has a bonus feature or is a progressive slot machine, then it definitely makes sense to play the max bet, because in most cases you have to play the max bet in order to have a chance at winning the jackpot
  • Additionally, I look closely at the available options on the slot machine floor before I actually have a spin. So for example, I might be standing beside two identical machines, one with a jackpot of £5,000 and the other with a jackpot of £15,000. The choice is clear for me, and I’m putting my money on the 15K option. At lot of people don’t notice simple things like this, but many times the casinos place similar machines but with different jackpots and payouts directly beside each other. I also look closely at the pay tables of the available slot machines, as this can help identify which ones offer better odds, and which might give my bankroll the best bang for my money
Think it’s too early to test your slot strategies? Try my free online slots!
You can play my free slots (and other games) right here online, in your browser, and without the need to download any software (you do need however to have Macromedia Shockwave installed on your computer). So if you’re looking to play for fun and without the need to download an EXE, simply click the “Launch Game” button that is located just above and to the right of this text and you will launch my free gambling zone. Here, you can play three types of slot machines for free. No credit card or financial information is required to play, you simply need to use a valid email address in order to sign up and start playing.