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Welcome to the wide world of online gambling brought to you courtesy of Martin Templeman. My experience with what is often called the “Mindless” slots goes back several decades, to the 1960s, when I played the “hold and draw” class of slot machines which were popular at the time in the downtown casinos of that great gambling mecca – Las Vegas. This style of slots basically offered the player a “second chance” to win, where after a no-win spin, a “hold” signal would light up on the machine. You could then select a reel or reels to be held / locked then deposit more coins to try to win with another spin. Join me in my Slot Machine History section as I continue my stroll along memory lane.

If you’re at my online slots site, it probably means that you love the slots and may even play it quite frequently – whether online slots for free / fun or for real money $$$ or in person and live at an actual land casino. Really, I offer no guarantees about winning big while playing the slots or how to pull the handle or press the button in a specific way in order to win, my site is really here to pass on a bit of the knowledge that I’ve gained through years of winning and losing experiences in both the real and virtual gambling world.

I’ve played everything from Gin Rummy and Poker to Baccarat and Craps. I’ve played at casinos, gambling dens and card houses right here in Great Britain to the playgrounds of the rich and famous in Monaco. I hope that you enjoy my online slots site and find it useful. If you are looking to play slots online, I’ve got two great options for you.

The first is for those who are looking to play for fun, without the need to spend a cent out-of-pocket. Simply click “Launch Game” button just above and to the right of this text to launch my free gambling zone, where you can play three types of online slots for free. No credit card or financial information is required to play, you simply need to use a valid email address in order to sign up and start playing.

The second is for those who are looking to play online slots for real money. On my site, you will see various banners and links, as I advertise online casinos that offer excellent online casino gaming options as well as a great comp or free bonus to get you started. Have fun!

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